Tuesday, March 12, 2013

We were asked to make a poem about geometric terms point, line, and plane. Here is mine for our group.

I am a point
Living infinitely ‘cause I’m unmarried
But when he comes, we become a line and produce a joint
But what is the plane to be carried?
It is the bind as strong
As the brick-walled castle where we belong.

       This is about a family. A person can have more chances of living and deciding freely in his life is he is uncommitted. But when there comes a partner, that means two points shall be connected and it will be a line. Joints mean the branches of a family tree. The plane to be carried means the importance of their marriage. Lastly, the plane is compared to the strong and invulnerable bond of the family.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

No Lies

(My high school classmate Aldrin had an assignment in English which was to write a poem. So he asked me to write a sonnet about wooing. I wrote this like it's him who did.

Had I not become the man I am now
Your enchantment would be a wasted vow
Such presence I perpetually desire
So when I woo, don't call me a liar.

What else of sweet-talks must I speak to you?
Some keys and tones fit for loving you through
Riches and happiness I'll forge to death
Only to seek more days to yield my breath.

For goodness' sake, my liking has gone far
This sonnet, so you'd leave your doors ajar
Have no more meekness during sad Sundays
Here comes us singing glad tunes in bouquets.

If I'll ever fail these words I declared,
Truly, I never ridiculed what's bared.

Friday, February 1, 2013


            One summer evening, I woke up. I saw a peregrine falcon that stared back at me through the window. Its eyes were all black like it commanded me to sit up and crawl up on the window. I had no much force to control my body that was about to perform what I just thought. I climbed onto its back then we flew away. Then the last thing that I remembered was I was with my grandfather.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Broken Dream

          Lais, a playful kid, kept a collection of miniature houses that she made. These, according to her, were the blueprints of her future which was to become an architect. One morning, Lais sneaked into her father’s room, hoping to get a stack of cartons for she was about to make a paper castle. She suddenly found right behind the cabinet a stray plum lipstick. Instinctively, she grabbed a telephone and called her mom from India. Unfortunately, her drunken father was eavesdropping from her room while he was looking at her works. In an instant, Lais heard faint sounds of ply woods being crashed down to the floor. Plastics and metals scattered on the tiles. All at once, Lais lost both her family and her dreams.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Time Travel

          A long dusty road was what Maria saw in the telescope that looks over the future. She badly wanted to know what life awaits her in the next 30 years, so she managed to connect a time machine to the telescope. Then there she was on the pavement. She walked for miles and hours and finally noticed something that interested her. That was her best friend. She happily ran forth to him and grabbed him by hands. That was the moment she would never want to leave.